PlayStation Now Will Allow Gamers To Download To Their Console

It looks like Sony is introducing direct competition to Xbox One’s Game Pass. According to an industry source, the PlayStation Now service which previously only allowed users to stream games to their console, will soon allow gamers to straight up download the title to their platform.

Speaking with Kotaku UK, the source mentioned that the change to the PlayStation now service will function similarly to PS Plus games – you can play them for as long as you maintain a subscription. It’s going to be quite an interesting change, considering PlayStation Now has a much larger catalog than that of Microsoft’s Game Pass. So we may see Xbox One take a harder hit than they already have in the coming months with regards to console sales.

‘A rumour recently did the rounds suggesting that Sony’s PlayStation Now service, which is basically an on-demand games library that can be streamed, would be getting offline functionality. An industry source was able to confirm to Kotaku UK that downloads are coming to Playstation Now, and add some detail.’

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