God of War Will Soon Have New Game Plus Mode

God of War has been a well-received video game. The title launched in April of this year for the PlayStation 4 as the story pinned Kratos with Norse mythology. Now that the E3 conferences have wrapped up, we’re slowly gaining new information to past announcements and updates. For instance, during Sony’s E3 press conference it was announced that God of War would receive a New Game+ mode but details regarding the mode were scarce.

Now thanks to a PlayStation blog post by Aaron Kaufman, community strategist for Santa Monica Studio, we have some insight as to what we can expect when God of War New Game+ launches. What we know now is that the New Game+ mode will bring players back to the start of the game but you will keep several of your upgrades made during the past journey such as armors, pommels, and talismans.

However, if you think that with all these upgrades and skills unlocked at the start will make the game easier then you’re in for a disappointment. New Game+ will automatically make combat harder giving players a challenge from the very first boss encounter.

Currently, the New Game+ mode doesn’t have a release date set quite yet. Instead, gamers can expect the mode to come equipped in a future patch update to the game. More information is also set to be unveiled at a later date.