Bethesda Director Addresses VATs, Mods, Fallout 76 Questline And More

With the recent announcement of Bethesda’s first multiplayer Fallout title, Fallout 76, wasteland RPG fanatics have been scouring the internet for more details regarding the upcoming release. Luckily Todd Howard, Bethesda’s director has been completely on the ball when it comes to answering all the specifics regarding the shift from single-player to multiplayer.

During an interview, today with Geoff Keighley’s YouTube Live @ E3 Howard, took on community concerns regarding mods, the main questline, and the iconic slo-mo targeting system, VATs with this co-op title.

There is a questline. There are no human NPCs but there’ll be robots, terminals, holotapes and therefore questlines.

‘We don’t want to be griefy, but we want there be a little bit of drama without ruining your game. There’ll be a balance between aggressive players and those who don’t want to deal with PvP too much.

VATS will work in real-time, it will be different but if you are not that good with shooters you can specialize your character to be good at using VATS.

There’s so much in this game. Once we find out what the players like, since we built a system to add content, we’ll do that.

We’re committed to doing mods, but not at launch. You’ll eventually be able to have your own private world and mod it.’

Fallout 76 releases November 14th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.