Xbox One Launches in Asia in 2014, No Release Window for Japan

At Microsoft's pre-E3 media briefing yesterday it was announced that the Xbox One would be released in 21 countries this year; principailly in North America and Europe. Asian gamers will have to wait until 2014 to get their hands on the console in India, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. 

Microsoft has not yet revealed when the console will launch in Japan; only that it will eventually reach the country. Speaking to Famitsu a Microsoft Japan spokesperson commented "Microsoft plans to release Xbox One as the new-gen all-in-one system in Japan. [The system's] Release date and additional details will be announced at an appropriate time."

In relation to the rest of Asia Microsoft's Adam Bowman told The Wall Street Journal that the company will take a "staged approach" to releasing the console in the region.

Bowman says he hopes that the Xbox One's Kinect sensor, which requires a smaller area than the Xbox 360's camera to operate will entice Asian gamers to purchase the system and said Microsoft are looking to help sell their console in areas where they traditionally struggle with titles such as Final Fantasy, FIFA and Assassin's Creed.

Microsoft has struggled to make an impact in Japan where the Xbox 360 typically sells in the low hundreds each week. Depending on just how much of a head start the PS4 has in Sony's home territory over the Xbox One will likely determine just how much of an uphill struggle Microsoft will face in the country.

Source: Eurogamer.