Resident Evil 2 Remake Finally Receives A Trailer

Capcom had revealed that they were working on a Resident Evil 2 remake, much like their remake for the original Resident Evil title. However, there was no gameplay or trailer footage to alongside the announcement. Thankfully during Sony’s E3 press conference that changed with the first remake trailer.

The game will follow Leon S. Kennedy, a cop at Raccoon City when the disease begins to spread causing the town to be overrun by zombies. Currently, the trailer shows off what players can expect when they dive into the streets of Raccoon City. Likewise it seems that the Capcom doesn’t appear to steer away from the overall plot and character appearances that were present when the video game first launched in 1998. We also have an official release date attached to the game. Players will be able to pick up a copy on January 25, 2019.