NieR: Automata Ships Over 3 Million Units

Square Enix and Platinum Games have announced a massive new milestone: NieR Automata, Yoko Taro’s third-person masterpiece has officially shipped over 3 million copies worldwide.

The number include shipments from the PS4 version, as well as the PC version. The last update we had received from the team was that the PC version is nearing approaching a million units sold, which means the other 2 million came from the PS4 version.

It’s a considerably massive achievement as the game was both low-budget and considered a ‘niche’ Japanese game.

NieR: Automata is set in the same universe as Nier, which itself is a spin-off of the Drakengard series of games. It is set in the midst of a proxy war between automatons created by invaders who are trying to kill off what’s left of humanity, who’ve also created machines of their own to fight in their stead. Players take on the role of a combat android named 2B and her companion 9S, and a prototype unit A2.

‘NieR: Automata tells the story of androids 2B, 9S and A2 and their battle to reclaim the machine-driven dystopia overrun by powerful mechanoids.
Humanity has been driven from the Earth by mechanical beings from another world. In a final effort to take back the planet, the human resistance sends a force of android soldiers to destroy the invaders. Now, a war between machines and androids rages on… A war that could soon unveil a long-forgotten truth of the world.’

NieR: Automata is out now for PC and PS4.