1.5 Million Gamers Have Played The H1Z1 Open Beta

Daybreak Game Company’s Battle Royale game, H1Z1, launched its open beta this week, and while the game has been having a couple of issues here and there, it managed to pull a massive playerbase of 1.5 million gamers.

Taking to Twitter, Daybreak announced the news, thanking fans for the support and asking for patience for the team to resolve a couple of minor issues.

“[PS4 Open Beta] A huge THANK YOU to the 1,500,000+ of you who have joined us in The Arena since the #H1Z1 Open Beta launch on #PS4 yesterday! We’re continuing to work to resolve login and purchase issues, and are committed to bringing you a pure battle royale experience.”

H1Z1 follows the same premise as all the other Battle Royale games, parachute in, collect resources and survive against other players and a closing game area until you are the last one alive. H1Z1 is the only ‘realistic’ Battle Royale experience on the PS4, which gives PlayStation games an alternative to Fortnite: Battle Royale.

Have you played the open beta? How are you enjoying it? Let us know in the comments below.