Days Gone Release Date To Be Announced ‘Very Soon’

Following a frustrating delay, anticipating gamers have been closely monitoring the news for anything solid coming from the team behind the Zombie Shooter Days Gone. Now it seems that we won’t have to wait much longer, In a recent interview with Screen Rant at a PlayStation event, Days Gone’s game director Chris Reese said that the studio will announce the release of the game “very soon”. “We’ll have more info on that very soon,” added Reese, likely suggesting that we’ll have a solid date during E3, next month.

Days Gone had its first revealed at E3 2016 and managed to captivate crowds through the seemingly endless horde of Zombies the player was to take down. Most recently, Community content manager for Star Citizen Jared Huckaby revealed on the first Reverse the Verse stream that he spoke to Sam Witwer. Witwer plays Deacon St. John, the protagonist of Days Gone, and he told Huckaby that there’s a “whole bunch of hours” of cinematics in Days Gone.

Make on the role of former outlaw biker Deacon St. John: a drifter, a bounty hunter, a wandering vestige of humanity. In world devastated by a global pandemic St. John eschews the ‘safe’ wilderness encampments set up by mankind’s last survivors and takes his chances on the broken roads.

Days Gone releases worldwide sometime in 2018.