Portal Knights Gets A Free Demo On The eShop

Portal Knights, the fun-filled first-person/third-person RPG has just received a new demo on Nintendo’s eShop.

The demo will treat Nintendo Switch players to a free sneak peek at the upcoming ‘Adventurer Update,’ which provides players with exciting new characters, quests, items and overall improvements to enhance the Portal Knights experience. You’ll be able to hop into the demo as either a Warrior, Mage or Ranger, and level up their character while gathering resources, crafting powerful weapons and armor and casting spells to defeat monsters in real-time combat.

The game emphasises co-op play, so make sure you and a friend head into the title!

Portal Knights is a procedurally generated RPG wonderland filled countless items to collect, bosses to fight, places to explore and equipment to craft. While at face-value it may look a smoothed out Minecraft clone – don’t let this sway you. The incredibly fleshed out environments, characters, quests and enemies along with the versatility of the sandbox style worlds will keep you continuously entertained and excited each time you open up your next portal – taking you to an enigmatic new world.