Nuclear Horror Chernobylite Will Pluck at Your Heartstrings

Polish studio The Farm 51 has taken to Facebook to reveal Chernobylite, a fresh survival horror project that will zero in on the catastrophic Chernobyl accident which took place more than thirty years ago. The team has been spending a great deal of time within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, a 1,000 square mile stretch of area encompassing the disaster site, in other to procure the relevant data and materials required to make Chernobylite as authentic as possible.

But this isn’t the first trip to Chernobyl for Farm Studio 51, who previously created a virtual tour of the region featuring 3D photogrammetric scans of buildings and key locations. Chernobyl VR Project gave players a 360 degree view of both Chernobyl and the surrounding town, Pripyat.

Unlike the VR edition, Chernobylite dives deeper into the human aspects, telling a survival story that’s haunted by emotional ghosts of the past. The team plans on releasing additional screenshots of in-game environments as well as revealing characters in the upcoming months. Precise platforms are yet to be confirmed, but you can stay on top of the latest developments via Facebook and Twitter.

Via PC Gamer