Oneiric Puzzle Game ‘Solo’ Now Available

Sentimental, dreamy, and emotionally gripping, Solo is a freshly launched puzzle title that explores the anatomy of love. Like Haddaway, developer Team Gotham is asking a rather difficult question, and one which usually isn’t broached in the average video game, but the hope is that you’ll be able to find an answer by meandering through a surreal archipelago.

 Solo‘s geography into forming multiple archipelagoes; on each one lies a puzzle that must be solved before the great Sleeping Totems can be awakened. These sagacious beings are a bit like ancient oracles, dispensing advice on love and relationships should you care to ask. Solo‘s puzzle gameplay is largely centred around manoeuvring boxes, however, each puzzle uses a completely different angle and has more than one solution — a key component of the branching narrative. And while nature has a fairly big role to play in your quest, Solo does give you opportunities to break the immersion a little and take snapshots of your trip (and yourself).

Solo was successfully funded on Fig early last year, raising a total of almost $70,000 USD. Those interested in a philosophical stroll through its environments can check it out for $14.99 USD on Steam (10% discount until Star Wars Day).