Chris Carter Reveals New X-Files Game is Out There

Now that the 11th season of Chris Carter’s episodic sci-fi drama The X-Files has officially wrapped, fans will no doubt be left with a familiar blend of post-series depression. The future of the series is still undecided, and made all the more complex by Gillian Anderson’s (Dana Scully) decision to bid adieu to her forensic pathologist ways. But if you’re more of a gamer than a cinephile (a strong likelihood if you are reading this), keep your chin up. Carter recently dropped a major bombshell in an interview with X-Files News: a new X-Files narrative game is in development.

“I made a joke the other day about The X-Files, the musical, but in reality, they’re actually making a really interesting narrative video game, different from the one that’s been launched already. Different approaches to X-Files story telling. So we’ll see.” — Chris Carter

The announcement sounds promising. Carter’s comments suggest the new X-Files title will have a different focus compared to the freshly released investigation game The X-Files: Deep State (free on Android and iOS), and may have more in common with the nineties interactive point and click adventure, or possibly, the unrelated survival horror entry The X-Files: Resist or Serve, which released in 2004.

What are your thoughts? Is there a X-Files shaped puzzle piece in the PC and console dimension that needs to be filled? Share your wisdom in the comments.