Galactic Rogue-lite “Crying Suns” is Made of FTL Tears

French team Alt Shift is currently plugged into an indie development chamber making Crying Suns, an intense, FTL: Faster Than Light inspired tactics game. It also swears fealty to Dune and Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, and takes place in Gehenna, a troubled galaxy which is steadily sliding towards extinction.

You don’t play as Admiral Ellys Idaho, the greatest fighter to grace the stars. You play as his clone. But you’re not quite alone either. Your soul is stirred into life by Kaliban, the last remaining mechanical deity, and your mission begins. Crying Suns asks you to explore procedurally generated quadrants of space and delve deeper into a dramatic storyline.

Beneath the narrative veil, there are strategic bouts of chaotic cosmic warfare that will challenge you on multiple occasions.

Crying Suns is expected to release during late 2018 or by early next year for PC, Mac and iPad. The estimated price tag sits between €15 to €20 (around $18 to $25 USD).