Bandai Namco Summons 3D Mobile Fighter Dragon Ball Legends

A new fully-fledged Dragon Ball fighting game is coming to a mobile near you. Japanese development company Bandai Namco has revealed that Dragon Ball Legends is the next entry in the anime brawl ’em up franchise, but unlike forerunner Dragon Ball FighterZ, the mobile PvP will be 3D.

Mobile technology has matured significantly over the years. It’s especially incredible that 3D graphics which were once limited to console (I’ll never forget playing Dead or Alive 3 for Xbox in the middle of Toys R Us) have made the leap to smartphones. Dragon Ball Legends takes advantage of Google’s Cloud Network to connect players across the globe for real time, nearly lag-free PvP gameplay. Legends won’t provide pseudo experiences by using other players’ data to conduct battles. All contests will be genuine PvP and minimise latency so players are not distracted by connectivity issues and can focus their energies on opponents.

The gameplay will feature simple, intuitive controls. Players tap and drag specific action-oriented cards (located at the bottom of the screen) to perform various attacks including melee, ranged and special attacks. Tapping cards consecutively allows your character (Goku, Frieza, Piccolo and Nappa are showcased, but expect a bigger roster) to chain powerful combos.

We’ll hear more about Dragon Ball Legends when it officially releases tomorrow. The big question now is whether DBL be the next big thing after Fortnite and PUBG‘s mobile derivatives.

Correction: More information on Dragon Ball Legends will be releasing tomorrow. The launch date is TBD.

Via Fandom