Sea of Thieves Pre-load Is Now Available


The highly anticipated co-op adventure title from Rare Studio, Sea of Thieves is set to release in 3 days, which means that if you want to hop into the adventure as soon as it launches, you may want to pre-load it. This option is available now on both PC and Xbox One – as long as you have bought the game. Unfortunately, those with Xbox passes will have to wait before the game officially releases before they can start their downloads, something confirmed by Mike Ybarra from the Xbox team on Twitter.

Regarding space you’ll need, The file sizes between PC and Xbox One X is fairly similar with 19,62GB for the former and 18,64GB for the latter. If you are playing on a regular Xbox One or an S, the file size is only 9,02GB.

Rare Studios has recently unveiled the achievement list for Sea of Thieves, you can read more about this, here.

Rare Studios has just released the list of achievements players can expect for the upcoming pirate adventure, Sea of Thieves. There are a total of 60 achievements players can look forward to unlocking, and each of the achievements for Xbox One is set to reward players with a background.

Sea of Thieves releases March 20th for Xbox One and PC.