Metal Gear Survive Gets A New Update; Adds Co-op Resuce Missions

Konami’s highly controversial spin-off of the popular Metal Gear Solid series, Metal Gear Survive, has just received a new update, introducing a bunch of new bug changes as well as co-op rescue missions into the ‘Ditte’ mix.

Besides the new missions (which you can read up on down below), Konami has introduced new controller customization features allowing you to change inputs to match your play style. New enhancement items have been added and penalties have been introduced for speeding up the digging process.

NEW CO-OP Rescue Missions.

  • The objective of Rescue Missions is to evacuate Charon Corps survivors who have gone missing after failing a Salvage Mission. Make use of the terrain as well as your Interceptor and Defense units to secure a safe escape route, while thwarting hoards of enemies.

Rescue Mission Event:

  • “The Captive Ferrymen.” Play the event to earn standard CO-OP rewards (e.g., Kuban energy, resources, recipes), as well as Battle Points (BP) which will unlock other rewards as you accumulate more BP.

Other content updates:

  • Added controller customization features
  • Speeding up the digging of the Wormhole Digger will be reflected on personal score
  • Added new plan to Base Camp Dig
  • Added enhancement items for weapons and gears (Legendary)
  • Bug fixes and game balance changes

Update 1.04 is now live for Metal Gear Survive players on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms.