Wadjet Eye Games Launching Grim Bundle Minus Fandango

Wadjet Eye Games, the magic wand behind graphic adventures Gemini Rue and The Blackwell Legacy, is releasing a delightfully dystopian collection on Steam and the App Store. The “Dark Futures” bundle features four narrative-driven point and click fiestas that will chill your soul with horrifying glimpses beyond 2018. Don’t believe me? Read the descriptions below.

  • Gemini Rue – Sci-fi noir where identities are as cheap as dried beans, crime is pandemic, and heavy rain is the norm  
  • Technobabylon – Entrancing cyberpunk adventure that has humanity permaplugged into an addictive nexus
  • Primordia – Post-apocalyptic crusade manned by robots across an inorganic universe
  • Shardlight – A plague-ridden woman seeks a miracle in squalid paradise

The entire bundle costs roughly $25 USD, which is fantastic if you’re the frugal sort. Dark Futures is giving players a gnarly 50% discount until March 18, after which the discount drops to 25%. You can also purchase it via the App Store for the low price of $9.99 USD.

In the interim, Wadjet Eye has been crafting Unavowed, another grisly vision of the future. Wishlist it on Steam here.