Supernatural Graphic Adventure ‘Unavowed’ Blessed With First Trailer

Urban legends rise to the surface in UnavowedWadjet Eye Games’ supernatural fantasy romp through New York City. The recent unveiling of its first trailer introduces players to the Unavowed, a class of magically gifted humans charged with the Herculean task of shielding the innocent from paranormal threats. Yet, a darker, seemingly uncontrollable force has seized city streets, placing these sworn guardians into uncharted waters; they need new blood. They need you.

Featuring a branching storyline, Unavowed remains faithful to Wadjet Eye’s stylistic origins (Gemini RueShardlight, Technobabylon) while borrowing from the narrative RPG goodness of Dragon Age.

Players can select from four different characters, each of whom possess various skills and abilities that will alter the way you solve puzzles. As well as voice overs and a haunting original soundtrack, Unavowed earns the distinction of being the first Wadjet Eye game to expand the pixel art resolution to impressive, detailed new heights.

Unavowed is out next year for Windows. Stay tuned to Gameranx for the latest updates.