Spaghetti Western Blow ’em up ‘Bombslinger’ Coming to PC, Switch & XB1

Hailing all the way from Brussels, Bombslinger is a Bomberman inspired action labyrinth game that encourages you to detonate everything. It lets you play as the unscrupulous bandit Bombslinger, and entrusts you with avenging your murdered missus in a series of procedurally generated levels. Resist the urge to drown your sorrows in a whiskey bottle, and blast through waves of enemies (including your former posse, the traitors) before your explosive date with the Gunslinger.

You can indulge in bomb-blasting bliss in both single-player or multiplayer modes which feature character progression, skill upgrades, and a plethora of battle items.

Development team Mode4 is a huge fan of classic Westerns, and is eager to share its passion with similarly minded audiences:

“We’ve enjoyed working with players to make sure Bombslinger has enough content to create a highly replayable experience players can enjoy alone or with friends…We look forward to sharing the fruits of our love of classic westerns and bomb-slinging games with new audiences.” ~ Mode4 Co-founder Ferry Keesom

Bombslinger is scheduled for an April 11 release on PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Those interested can check out the early access edition today for $11.99 USD.