H1Z1 Leaves Early Access With A Vehicular Battle Royale Mode

Released back in 2015, H1Z1 was one of the first battle royale titles bringing the free-for-all experience to PC players via Valve’s marketplace, Steam. Unfortunately, 2017 came along and titles such as PUBG and Fortnite: Battle Royale completely overtook the genre, dominating the market leaving H1Z1 wondering what exactly happened.

Now the title has officially left early access, bringing some new excitement to the genre with it’s vehicle Battle Royale Mode, dubbed, AutoRoyale.

“Auto Royale is a new team-based, vehicular battle royale game mode. We’ve seen how entertaining driving around can be in H1Z1, so we decided to run with the idea and have a little fun. In Auto Royale, we lock you and your teammates into a vehicle, launch you into the map with up to 29 other teams and watch the mayhem unfold. During development, the team had a lot of fun adding new elements to the game specific to Auto Royale that help fuel the vehicular chaos, including the new ARV military-style vehicle, a light machine gun, landmines, corrosive gas, jumps (double jump!), ramps, oil slicks and so much more.”

H1Z1 is out now for PC.