Somewhere: The Vault Papers is a Dangerously Immersive Mobile Adventure

A real-time twist on the Catch Me If You Can formula, Somewhere: The Vault Papers positions you in a treacherous whistleblowing case as a fugitive’s assistant. Cat is her name. She’s a journalist gone rogue. After one of her text messages accidentally reaches your number, you’re stuck between two options: destroy the evidence and look even more suspicious, or help her investigate what the hell’s going on. You choose the latter.

Somewhere: The Vault Papers is an interactive thriller that uses branching narrative and the stifling dread of 1984 and Brave New World to heighten your paranoia. Developer Norseman Interactive keeps players on the edge of their seat with choice-based gameplay, the responsibility of guiding Cat to safety using Google maps, and sifting through the Internet for vital clues. Naturally, your decisions have permanent consequences, and ultimately mould the direction of her fate. But you can always repeat the adventure to unlock new endings.

Keen on a cup of conspiracy? Somewhere: The Vault Papers will launch on March 8 an iOS exclusive for $2.99/€3.49. Aspiring confidants can pre-order here.

Somewhere - Interactive Fiction for Mobile