Sea of Thieves Minimum PC Requirements Revealed

Through the extensive beta testing, Sea of Thieves, the highly anticipated pirate coop adventure launching exclusively on Microsoft platforms – has had its minimum PC requirements revealed.

What’s pretty nice is that the team has compiled the game into segments of how you’ll be able to experience it. Eg. what minimum specs you need to achieve 30fps at 720 or how beefed up your right must be to hit 4K at 60FPS. This gives gamers of all earning an understanding of the equipment they’ll need for the title.

Give it a look down below:

Rare’s Joe Neate was recently featured in an interview in  Xbox: The Official Magazine’s March 2018 issue, via WCCFTech, where he expressed his confidence and reiterated that the studio “feels good” about the game’s launch offering. He continued to praise how quickly and cooperative Sea of Thieves’ community was during the Beta, sending feedback to improve the game’s experience and helping the studio shape the game’s experience to satisfy its fans. Read up on the interview, here.

Sea of Thieves releases on PC and Xbox One on March 20th. Check out our initial impressions of the game, and the top 10 things you need to know before the game’s release.