Daily Deal: ABZU Xbox One Is $9.99 On The Microsoft Marketplace

ABZU the gorgeous deep-sea exploration game from Giant Squid Studios is running for 50% off for Xbox One gamers on the Microsoft Marketplace.

Initially released as a digital-only copy back in 2016, ABZU is directly inspired by the beautiful exploration title, Journey. The game follows a linear story, with exploration elements embedded in the environment. Players will come across, interesting sea-creatures, explore ancient ruins and uncover a dark force which is harming the ocean-sealife.

Critically, the game performed brilliantly, with some publications hailing it as a ‘majestic must-see’. The game has been praised for it’s beautiful environments, incredible soundtrack and ingenuis take on storytelling. If you enjoyed games like Journey or Flower, you’ll definitely dig this one.

‘Dive into the great unknown in this gorgeous underwater exploration game for Xbox One.’

Head on over the Microsoft Marketplace and pick up ABZU for only $9.99, here.

Thoughts on ABZU? Will you be picking it up? Let us know in the comments down below.