Civilization IV Designer Working on New, ‘Epic-Scale’ Strategy Title

Swedish publishing house Starbeeze Studios announced in a blog post that it will be taking Mohawk Games’ (Offworld Trading Company) upcoming turn-based strategy 10 Crowns under its wing. The Mohawk team consists of industry vets like Soren Johnson (Civilization IV) and Dorian Newcomb (Civilization V), and will be focusing its efforts on a classic 4X game, but not without some exciting changes.

The Civilization series boasts an impressive, genre-defining legacy that still persists today, so the promise of a new IP which “lets players create the greatest dynasty in world history” sounds both thrilling and ambitious. 10 Crowns is a placeholder for the game, which is reportedly still a prototype. Starbreeze did share several mouth-watering screenshots, which showcase environmental terrain, a picturesque village in bird’s eye view, the aftermath of a savage battle, and two more images (possibly concept art) that depict both a wedding and ancient funeral rite.

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