Defy or Obey the Hippocratic Oath in Bio Inc. Redemption

As medical strategy simulator Bio Inc. Redemption prepares to leave early access, we should keep a couple of things in mind. Firstly, it’s been almost four years since Surgeon Simulator rocked our moral compass on Steam, so the world is clearly in need of sham iatrics. And secondly, Bio Inc. Redemption is actually a sequel to mobile (Android, iOS) hit Bio Inc. – Biomedical Plague, and boasts shiny new graphics plus two new campaigns.   

There’s a Jedi versus Sith dichotomy going on here, where you can succumb to your dark side and inflict your patients with lethal diseases, or embrace the Hippocratic Oath and cure ailments to save a life. Bio Inc. Redemption promises a good deal of realism, mixing humorous strategy and educational insights across 18 challenging cases that become progressively more difficult. Luckily, every victory earns you XP, which you can use to unlock special boosters that assist you in more demanding scenarios.

Aspiring doctors can purchase Bio Inc. Redemption through Steam (Windows) for $12.99 USD. Upon full release on March 8, the game’s price will rise to $14.99 USD.