MLB the Show creators surprise fans with Vine trading cards

I love the little details in Harry Potter. There is this scene where Harry and Ron meet and they're discussing these wizard trading cards; you know, the ones with the chocolate frog? I always thought those would get me to start collecting trading cards again. I mean, how neat would it be to have a whole bunch of trading cards that moved, visited each other, or said something. 

Recently, some fans of the PS3-exclusive MLB the Show got a surprise via twitter – a trading card made from their likeness on the new social media Vine.

Here are a couple examples:

These cards are created with the help of one of the design team's artists and photos from their twitter profile. These cards are one of the more unique ways MLB the Show 2013 has been trying to excite old and new fans. 

MLB the Show 2013 is the latest iteration of the MLB the Show franchise that began in 2006. It replaced the MLB (year) baseball series from 989 studios and, like most sports games, features a player on the cover. MLB the Show 2013 features different players depending on where the game is being purchased. In the US, Andrew McCutchen (Pittsburgh Pirates) is featured while José Bautista (Toronto Blue Jays) is present on the Canadian box. In Taiwan, Wei-Yin Chen (Baltimore Orioles) is featured. 

MLB the Show 2013 was released on March 5th from the Playstation 3 and Playstation Vita. 

Vine is a new social media tool from Twitter that allows users to record up to 6-seconds of video and audio. It is available via the iTunes app store only.