Shadow of the Colossus Vinyl OST Pre-Orders Live on Iam8bit

Edging ever closer to release is the remake of 2005 action-adventure Shadow of the Colossus, an art-house game which dissected the nature of good versus evil against a backdrop of ethereality and iconoclasm. Fans of the original soundtrack can now enjoy its musical evolution in a first-pressing vinyl LP courtesy of iam8bit.

Shadow of the Colossus 2xLP Vinyl Soundtrack

Pianist and composer Kow Otani says “the level of immersion” in the 2018 SotC revival “is incredible”, and updating its iconic melodies called for the addition of more stringed instruments and musicians. Though tracks like “End of the battle” might signal a triumphant musical direction, the majority of the soundtrack is more closely aligned “with a prayer or requiem”, Otani reveals. Director Fumito Ueda requested that the sounds used drew from “ethnic music not tied to any particular country”, and this is demonstrated by the inclusion of the bouzouki, an ancient instrument used in Europe, Asia and the Middle East which is most audible in “End of the battle”.

The translucent records are nestled within tri-fold sleeves which feature the fearless, majestic album art of Nimit Malavia. Pre-orders for the Shadow of the Colossus 2xLP vinyl record are now available for $40.00 USD a pop. Otani recommends that you “just set the record and needle, close your eyes and immerse yourself” in SotC “until the end”.

Shadow of the Colossus will be out for PlayStation 4 from February 8. If you need a refresher on how to conquer the 16 colossi, make sure to bookmark our handy guide.