Opening 16 Minutes of Supergiant Games’ Transistor Revealed

Bastion developer Supergiant Games have posted a video online of their upcoming game Transitstor's opening 16 minutes. 

Transistor, announced last week, is an isometric RPG set in the city of Cloudbank and staring Red – a singer whose voice has been silenced by unknown assassins. 

Red, confronting her assailants, uses a large red sword called Transistor which guides her throughout the game world. The weapon is voiced by Logan Cunningham, the narrator of Bastion. Like that game your actions will be continually commented on as you progress through Transistor

Ashley Lynn Barrett, Bastion's other voice artist, also makes a return and lends her focal talents to Red's songs, recorded before her voice was stolen. 

Transistor will allow gamers to pause time and plan your path of progression forward, this ability will also enable Red to chain together attacks on her enemies.

"Red was a star, now she's a target," reads Transistor's opening scenes, "five assassins confront her. But she is not alone. An extraordinary weapon slips free in the commotion. It transports her across the city in an instant. The assassins' forces spread out in search." 

Transistor is due to be released in early 2014 though the game's platforms have not yet been announced. You can watch the title's opening 16 minutes in the trailer, captured by TotalBiscuit at PAX East, below.