Old School FPS Immortal Redneck Prepares to Unleash Frenzy on XB1, PS4

Crema Games’ Egyptian-themed shooter, Immortal Redneck, will make Xbox One and PlayStation 4 its home from February 27. The Nintendo Switch launch is expected to follow sometime during Q1 this year.

Starring a mummified redneck, this retro-inspired FPS will entangle you in electrifying rounds of arcade mayhem propped up against the pyramids of Giza. Fusing old school elements like circle-strafing and bunny-hopping with a rogue-lite exterior, it seems to be riding the same wave as David Szymanski’s Dusk. There’s enough mythology packed in to help Immortal Redneck stand out from the crowd too, what with its godly class system, ancient enemies, magical weapons and a literal skill tree. Death isn’t the end, either, thanks to the power of resurrection and a number of unlockable upgrades that grant access to health bonuses plus divine favours. Detonating sarcophagi never sounded so intriguing.

There’ll be no price changes from the Steam release, so Immortal Redneck will set you back $19.99 USD, €19.99, £16.24.