Punch ‘Em Up ‘Boxing Apocalypse’ Arrives on Oculus, PSVR

If you’ve ever wanted to beat up clickers or that thing from Agony in virtual reality, there’s an upcoming game which caters to those savage desires. It really does sound perfect for relieving stress after a hard day at school or work.

Boxing Apocalypse is a first-person fighter that promises intuitive combat, a pretty formidable lineup of skill combos, and one crazy shtick. You’re being held prisoner within an intergalactic spaceship, and the only path to freedom requires that you punch up waves of warmongering aliens. Armed with a neon shield, boxing gloves, and what appears to by a fly swatter, you need to defend yourself whilst also going after a high score. There are multiple difficulty levels included to ensure a more inclusive gaming experience regardless of player proficiency.

Interested players can check out Boxing Apocalypse on the Oculus Store for $19.99 USD. A PlayStation VR version will launch in the near future, and introduce additional levels, tournament mode, and multiplayer mode.