These Grips Make Your Switch Joy-con Easier to Hold

Let’s not lie, those Switch Joy-con controllers are pretty freakin’ small, making it an absolute menace to play games if you have a slightly bit above average hand size.

Luckily Nykon has invented some pretty cool swivel grips for Switch, allowing you to flip the back of the switch out for better control over the controller. Another winner is that the joy-con swivel attachment can still be connected to the controller while in docked mode, so you won’t have to worry about swopping them out to up your game experience.

Get a new hold on the Joy-Con™ controller with Swivel Grips for Nintendo Switch™. Swivel Grips add a controller like grip to the Joy-Con and provides a more ergonomic feel than the Joy-Con alone. Perfect for longer gameplay sessions. The grips swivel into place to provide more of a traditional controller-like feel or collapse and attach the Joy-Con to the Nintendo Switch. Swivel Grips do not need to be removed to attach the Joy-Con to the console and the functionality of the face and shoulder buttons are preserved. Installation is simple, just separate the top and bottom piece of Swivel Grip and place the Joy-Con inside.

  • Added size and controller-like grip improves comfort for longer gameplay sessions
  • Grips swivel into place or out of the way for easy storage
  • Does not interfere with any buttons or ports
  • Easy installation
  • Can be left attached when the Joy-Con is connect to the Nintendo Switch

Get the attachments for only 10$, here.