New Tomb Raider Movie To Be A Reboot As Well, Game Took Cues From Batman And James Bond

Time for more video game movie news. The next big screen adaptation of Tomb Raider, much like the recently released game, will be a reboot reports Variety.

The source cites the successful relaunch of several other film franchises, specifically Batman and 007. Yet Variety seems somewhat unaware of how well received the video game restart has been as well (though given that their primary beat is movies, not games, it's completely understandable).

But as it turns out, the decision to reboot the video game series was a direct result of the aforementioned Hollywood properties. According to Darrell Gallagher, head Crystal Dynamics:

“We were faced with a challenge that is rare with videogames, given that games are still quite a new medium: How to continue this franchise as it transitions from generation to generation, not only with hardware but players as well… Seventeen years is a long life for videogames.

We started to look at other franchises outside of gaming… Bond and Batman are two great examples, with Bond being around for 50 years. We looked at the bold choices they made to make sure the franchise is relevant for a current audience rather than sticking to a formula that is dated.”

Furthermore, Crystal Dynamics is working closely with the producers of the new movie. Gallagher states that he a cohesive vision of the franchise is important among all parties involved. And that he didn’t want to see a continuation of the old movies. Meaning, it’s a safe bet that Angelina Jolie will not be coming back, alas.

The next Tomb Raider movie has actually been in production for some time now. No doubt the release of the brand new game, plus all its positive buzz, is giving it a shot in the arm. It has been ages since word was spoken about the next Tomb Raider movie, to the point that most have completely forgotten that it’s even happening.