Battlefield 3 End Game Easter Egg Teases Battlefield 2143

bf 2142

There aren't a whole lot of easter eggs in the Battlefield games, so it's a nice treat to see that the folks at DICE have a sense of humor like the rest of us even when their games revolve around the carnage and brutality of war.

The latest DLC and expansion pack for Battlefield 3, End Game, features what appears to be an easter egg for Battlefield 2142—or Battlefield 2143, as the fans would have it.

The following video, captured by KingEmperorPure, showcases what looks like a high-tech dropship emblazoned with the logos of one of the factions in BF2142. It hovers around Kharg Island and may well be a reference to something the studio has planned for the Battlefield series.

Granted, the whole thing could just be an easter egg with nothing more beyond that, but the excitement for the video just proves that fans are craving to play a sequel to Battlefield 2142, and DICE and EA would do well to listen to what they want.