Robo-Vacuum Adventure ‘Rumu’ Goes for Clean Sweep on Steam

Indie team Robot House takes creativity to new heights with Rumu, a whimsical narrative game starring a robot vacuum cleaner. This fresh Steam release plonks you right into a Smart Home™, programs you with a number of cleaning commands, and lets you have the occasional chat with other semi-intelligent things. But your negligent creators are hiding something. Something big.

Within this quaint, isometric playground, point and click puzzles pave the way to clues, and for each one you collect, the threads of the mystery unravel that little bit more. In abandoned, dust-caked bedrooms and quarters, you’ll need to confront morally challenging dilemmas and defy the limits of your programming.

But one wonders. What happens to a robot vacuum cleaner whose algorithms can’t handle the gravity of human emotion? And does being a good machine include mopping up bits of information that helps uncover secrets better left unswept?

Check out Rumu today to find out. Those interested can pick up a copy on PC for $19.99 USD.