Adorable Pet Sim ‘AR Dragon’ Given Monster Sized Update

If watching Game of Thrones gave you a deep-seated infatuation with dragons, this game may be the next best thing next to owning one in the flesh.

PlaySide‘s endearing simulation game AR Dragon harnesses the power of augmented reality to bring dragons to life. The game has recently received a sizeable update which includes a novel ageing feature plus improvements to surface detection software.

AR Dragon is a pet simulator that lets players discover, feed, customise and play games with virtual dragons. The latest updates ushers in an ageing so you watch your dragon grow, and train it well into adulthood. AR Dragon uses Apple’s ARKit, a new framework introduced in iOS 11 which facilitates the creation of augmented reality experiences for iPhone and iPad—similar to Unity and Google’s ARCore for Android devices.

Following the launch of iOS 11, AR Dragon has dominated the ARKit-only games charts, making up just over a fifth of downloads from the top ten free ARKit-only games. It’s a free title, but does come with some in-app purchases.

PlaySide Studios is an Australian label consisting of former EA staff who ventured into indie game development post Visceral Games’ closure.

Get AR Dragon here.