Dead by Daylight Has Sold Three Millions Copies

Behaviour Interactive and Starbreeze Studios have just reached an impressive sales milestone. Dead By Daylight, the survival horror multiplayer title has sold a total of 3 million copies across platforms.

The game is centered around a group of players who have to effectively survive one super-powered but slightly slower supernatural killer. Notable killers include Freddy Kruger and leather face.

The title originally released on PC mid last year, since then it’s slowly been gaining traction (releasing in Asia and hitting 3 million sales and counting.) It’s a pretty fun title if you are a little bit tired of the usual multiplayer dynamics we see in modern titles.

How have you been finding Dead By Daylight? Digging it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Dive into an asymmetric online horror experience where four players enter an unpredictable, procedurally-generated environment and do their best to outwit a fifth player – a murderous killer who is out for blood.

As the killer, choose from a rogue’s gallery of cult-horror classics – everything from machete-wielding maniacs to otherworldly paranormal beasts – and hunt the grounds in first-person using your unique skills to track, torture or slaughter your victims.

As a survivor, choose one of nine plucky individuals – each with their own perks – and either cooperate with others or go it alone as you fix broken generators scattered across the arena and restore power to electronic gates blocking your escape.

Dead By Daylight is out now for PS4, PC and Xbox One.