Kooky Tarantino-esque Fighter ‘GUTS’ Looks Gross Yet Awesome

You’ve seen ARMS, you’ve seen Friday the 13thbut have you ever imagined what they’d look like together? Flux Game Studio has. Meet GUTS, the ultra-violent fighting game that’s morbid personified.

GUTS takes place in a hyper consumerist 2067. Television violence has been completely normalised, and the public is enraptured by a savage reality show where you’re the main attraction.

GUTS, also known as the Gory Online Tournament Showis an explosive, over the top punch ’em up in which you dismember your opponents to emerge victorious. There’s no health bar, and no fight timer, but your goal is clear: rip foes apart. Literally. Casual limb loss won’t do either; you’ll need to chop off all four limbs and deliver a finishing blow to claim the round.

Get stuck into an eight hour singleplayer campaign with one of nine unique characters, master the U-Points system to recover lost limbs, or use fallen appendages as weapons in a quest for bloody supremacy.

GUTS is due to release this November 15 on PC for $19.99 USD. You can wishlist it on Steam today.