2D Strategy Sim ‘Gladiator School’ Lets You Transform Ordinary Romans Into Heroes

Whether you’re a patrician or plebeian at heart, you can’t deny there’s something appealing about owning your very own gladiator school.

Enter Gladiator School, Raptor Claw Games’ attempt to revive the flourishing Roman empire in a 2D simulation. As general overseer of the school, your job is to purchase, recruit and train hopefuls into tireless warriors that would make even Maximus quiver in fear.

To build a formidable army, you’ll need to manage your gladiators’ moods, practice schedules, treat their wounds and provide nourishment. Most of their time will be spent sparring in the gymnasium, but of course, even gladiators have an Achilles heel; work them too hard and their mood plummets, leading to possible revolt. You can also assign them individual jobs, hire staff to improve your school, and purchase enhanced weapons when you’ve accumulated enough coins.

After approximately one year undergoing early access refinements on Steam, Gladiator School will be launching today for $11.99 USD.