Dead Space 3: DLC Weapons Showcased, Available As Paid Microtransactions

dead space 3 dlc weapons

Like many other games from EA Games and other publishers these days, Dead Space 3 comes with an assortment of day-one DLC weapons. These weapons serve to enhance the experience beyond the core game by offering the player additional firepower with which to dispatch monsters, aliens, and in the case of Dead Space 3—necromorphs.

The weapons DLC in Dead Space 3 are available as a part of pre-orders for the title and through specific retailers like Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop, who offer these weapons as sales incentives.

If you're unsure of which version to get, the following video should set you up nicely with some impressions of the weapons you'll receive for purchasing the following packs, which can be seen at the following timestamps:

The descriptions were compiled by the AlzuGaming Youtube channel, presumably culled from the official text.

0:20 AL-9 Clearcutter (Marauder Pack): The Triple Threat Pulse Rifle is perfect for taking down dense crowds while the J-111 Hydraulic Eviscerator is sturdy enough to cut down close encounters.

1:01 SMP-90 Sharpshooter (Sharpshooter Pack): This weapon is a modified version of the standard Seeker rifle. It's paired with a wide cutting Line Gun for achieving multiple kills in a single shot.

2:01 Aegis VII Survivalist (Tundra Recon Pack): Named after the remote planet of Aegis VII, this weapon combines a Plasma Cutter and Suspended Ripper. It sports a titanium finish designed to withstand the harshest of planetary conditions.