Daily Deal: BioShock Infinite Starter Pack For Mac Is Only $7.99

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Centered around U.S. Cavalry and now hired gun, Booker DeWitt, you are tasked with traveling to the floating city of Colombia to help captive Elizibeth escape. It isn’t that easy though, once you make it to the city you find yourself and Elizabeth caught between a conflict of the lower-class Vs. Upper-class.

The BioShock infinite starter pace includes both the base game alongside all the DLCs (that’s 4 DLC packages in total) all for $7.99.

‘The action takes place in the flying metropolis of Columbia, a spectacular city in the sky founded by Father Comstock: political leader, religious zealot and hardcore nationalist. When former Pinkerton detective Booker DeWitt first arrives in Columbia, the place – a cluster of shifting, hovering islands linked by zeppelins and zip lines – seems almost heavenly. Bathed in sunlight and in the midst of the cheery chatter of its inhabitants, DeWitt could be forgiven for forgetting why he came to Columbia – to rescue Elizabeth, a young woman held captive here since childhood.’

‘Even before he reaches Elizabeth, however, the city’s mask begins to slip, and DeWitt finds himself a wanted man. Thanks to a strange mark on his hand, he’s soon on the run from Comstock’s agents, which include police officers, mechanical militia men and the soulless, sinister Songbird, an avian robot tasked with preventing Elizabeth’s escape. Fleeing his pursuers with Elizabeth in tow, Columbia’s facade cracks wide open and DeWitt discovers the terrible secrets behind Comstock’s surreal city – but will he be able to save himself from the evils all around?’

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