Get A Free Payday 2 DLC ‘Simon Mask’ Here

While PayDay 2 released nearly 4 years ago, Overkill has been keeping their bank robbing, meth cooking, action-stealth title relevant with constant updates, new DLC and freebies – and of course with it being the Halloween weekend, they couldn’t really pass up the opportunity to bring some extra stuff for the fans.

This free ‘Simon’ DLC mask is inspired by a short bit of fiction, whereby a ‘wanna-be robber’ couldn’t really think of a great way to conceal his identity – so he decided to use a paper bag.

‘A wanna-be robber tried to knock over a liquor store, but neglected to properly conceal his identity, opting instead to use the paper bag he got when he last shopped there! Needless to say, the idiot was quickly identified and taken into custody. With no hostages to trade for freedom, his criminal career was cut short. The event, which did not even prompt a local news headline, now stands as a stark reminder that some things are best left to professionals.’

It’s a little bit ridiculous but hey, if you are one for silly masks (or just free stuff) then head on over to this page to link your Steam account and claim the free DLC key.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that console players will be able to don the paper bag, perhaps Overkill will release it PS4 and Xbox One in the near future.