Rumu is a Narrative-Driven Adventure Submerged in Sentience

The future of sophisticated AI is one step closer thanks to Robot House’s Rumu. Within its unusual, point-and-click boundaries, you become a robot vacuum cleaner that gains consciousness. True to Robot House’s mission statement, Rumu is quirky, unexpected, and kicks things off inside a fully automated ‘Smart Home’.

You’re very much alone, save for the family cat, and Sabrina, the house AI. And while your cleaning and maintenance duties come first (you are a vacuum cleaner, after all) the dollhouse environment that surrounds you is teeming with tempting secrets and forgotten paths.

Featuring the vocal talents of Allegra Clarke (Dragon Age), Grant George (Fire Emblem Echoes) and Larissa Gallagher (Firewatch), Rumu is promising a heartwrenching narrative where you’ll be confronted with moral dilemmas, and an invisible framework that’s urging you to step outside the limits of your programming.

Rumu is scheduled to release later this year and will be playable at PAX Aus.