Fiery VR Adventure Paperville Panic is Holding Out for a Hero

Melbourne-based indie startup Ultimerse wants to take players on a tongue-in-cheek odyssey through the world of firefighting—and what better way to do it than VR?

In Paperville Panic, an action exploration title oriented towards HTC Vive, you become Rookie, a hero in the making. The town of Paperville is cursed with an under-performing fire brigade. This is quite obviously the worst thing that could happen in a place built from paper, and has resulted in inflamed buildings and citizens trapped beneath rubble.

Your job is to save the day. Smash, shoot, and deduce your way across dangerous missions to save the townspeople from impending doom, and perhaps get the fire brigade fired while you’re at it. Prepare yourself for encounters with odd personalities, an atmospheric score that complements the smoky visual landscape, and multiple weapons to deal with the dilemmas before you.

Ultimerse plans to release a playable demo for Paperville Panic at PAX Aus next week. The game will fully release through Steam sometime in December.