ECHO Releases On PS4 Today

Sci-Fi Adventure, ECHO has just released on Sony’s Entertainment Console, The PS4.

The third-person shooter is pretty unique in the sense that you’ll be facing off against a new form of AI – one that will adapt to the player’s weaknesses.The game follows En, a space traveler played who arrives at a mysterious Palace after a century in stasis. In the palace, she soon discovered that it’s filled with manifestations of her self through echoes. It’s a story of introspection, fear and mystery.

“The Palace studies everything En does and creates ‘Echoes’; identical in appearance and, at first, seemingly unthreatening, until you get too close,” explains game director Martin Emborg.  “The Echoes begin to learn that everything you do, they can do, too, and they will not hesitate to use your own tactics against you in order to purge The Palace of your presence.”

Gameranx will have a first impressions piece of this unique title up within the next week.