Headliner Lets You Spin The News to Your Liking

Self-described as a ‘media bias adventure’, Headliner is a satirical adventure game in which you’re gifted with the ability to control the news of a nation. Sensing the delightful opportunities for mischief, developer Unbound Creations gives players free rein in curating their own articles, stuffing them with fake news, and watching society’s reaction as the ramifications of your news pieces unfold. As Chief Curator of a local news channel, there’s no limit to the amount of chaos you can set in motion.

Headliner offers a short playthrough, spanning approximately 45 minutes that features multiple permutations and unique endings depending on your in-game choices. When you’re away from the office, you can also engage in more personal activities such as chatting with your family about their various struggles. A colourblind-friendly design completes Headliner’s package for a more accessible build.

Headliner is out now through Steam. You can pick it up at 15% off for a limited time.