Absurd Live-Action Game Press X to Not Die Surges Toward Full Release

Today the king of QTE games Press X to Not Die enjoys the launch of v1.0 and makes the transition out of Steam early access. All Seeing Eye Games first presented an unsuspecting public with Press X to Not Die‘s comedic madness in 2015, and has developed a cult-following in a two year period.

Press X to Not Die is best described as a mash-up of zombie films, hilarious QTEs, old-fashioned movies, and pure chaos. You awake to a town embroiled in confusion; formerly peaceful residents are now actively insane, your girlfriend is missing, and zombies run amok. With over 20 different ways to die and more than 35 minutes of HD footage, there’s no shortage of entertainment or humour.

Lead programmer Darren Joe reveals early access was the perfect testing ground leading up to the game’s final release:

“We’ve been hard at work fixing issues, adding content, and generally improving Press X To Not Die, and we can’t wait to unleash it into the wild.”

Press X to Not Die is on Steam for £1.99 / $2.99 USD.