5 Small Yet Awesome Games of September 2017

When you’re stuck knee-deep in Destiny 2FIFA 18 or Forza Motorsport 7, it’s pretty easy to forget the rest of the world exists. These bigger titles are designed to be beautiful time-sinks, and they’re good at it. So naturally, keeping track of all the brilliant indie games that are sprouting all over Steam, consoles and mobile can be a full time job.

With that said, we’ve hunted down five smaller (yet equally awesome) games that you should know about.

First up, there’s Songbringer, the SNES roguelike with procedurally generated worlds, gorgeous pixel graphics and amazing replay value. If strategy’s your true calling, perhaps Tooth and Tail might hit the spot. It’s cute, casual, and has an unexpectedly dark storyline.

For wordless adventures with exquisite puzzles, Hob should be first on your list. Nintendo Switch users can rest assured with Golf Storya charming little RPG that appeals to sports fans and anyone who’s keen on side quests.

And last but not least, we recommend Steamworld Digg 2a steampunk 2D platformer that has strong metroidvania DNA. Be warned, though: its core gameplay is structured around mining and digging for gems and gets addictive very fast.

Did we miss any noteworthy titles? Let us know! We want to hear your favourite indie games coming out for September.