Untitled Goose Game is a Wacky Avian Adventure Coming Next Year

If you’ve got a soft spot for animal simulators, minimalist art, or causing general mayhem, you might want to keep Untitled Goose Game on your indie radar. It’s currently in development by House House, the Aussie group behind the hilarious yet disturbing Push Me Pull You. 

The aim of the game, to borrow from the popular expression, is to be a silly goose. This involves waddling around, dunking the groundskeeper’s lunch into the pond, honking for attention, stealing important items, hiding them in the flowerbed, and more. While the environmental destruction doesn’t quite reach Goat Simulator levels of insanity, the humour in the pre-alpha trailer is undeniable. In terms of level structure and progression, nothing seems absolutely concrete—except a checklist lined with tasks the goose needs to complete.

Untitled Goose Game is expected to release sometime during 2018. Specific platforms are yet to be announced. Follow House House on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest developments.