Audojo Is The Twin Stick Case That The iPad Has Always Needed

Not a day goes by in which someone hasn't come up with an idea for some fancy new add-on that bestows physical inputs for touchscreen devices. Because we all know virtual buttons and joysticks are not fun. Yet no one has come up with perfect solution.

But the Audojo is one of the best attempts yet. The iPad case that works with the 2nd generation model and later is looking to get funded via Kickstarter, naturally, and has a very decent chance at succeeding:

First off, it looks quite sexy (well, compared to the others we've seen). And most importantly, it bears little resemblance to the competition, thanks to the design chops of Peter Muller, who has worked with Steve Jobs in the past.

It also works differently the rest as well. Instead of using Bluetooth as the means to interface with the iPad, it instead uses the headphone jack to do its communicating.

The end result is a battery life that is to be in the weeks, according to Joystiq. Though on the negative side of things is how it requires its own SDK for software to utilize the Audojo.

Given how only a handful of games support the iCade interface, which is far and away the most popular aftermarket physical interface, the Audojo team has its work cut out for it.

But who knows; if it's Kickstarter is wildly successful, iOS software makers might be included to jump on board. At the moment, it has raised $16,443 of the $240,000 it needs.

If you're interested in supporting the initiative, simply click here.