PUBG Interested In Bringing PC/Xbox One Cross-Play To Players


Considering the trend of cross-play utility with games like Rocket Leauge and Minecraft, it would make sense that one of the biggest games of 2017 follows with the same idea. In a recent interview with Shacknews, PUBG’s creator, Brendan “PlayerUnknown” stated that cross-play between PC and Xbox One would be something that the team would like to see implemented at some stage.

“We ideally want to get the same experience on both versions of the game and we think cross-play would be great. We definitely want to get both sets of playerbases battling against each other.”

While there are some technical issues that could hinder the experience, such as the competitive advantage of keyboard and mouse vs. controller scheme, it is something that they would ideally like to see introduced at some stage.

Also within the interview, Greene confirmed other little interesting tidbits regarding the title and Creator (thanks indieobscura)

  • There are no plans to make a PUBG 2, which isn’t that surprising considering how successful the original PUBG is continuing to be.
  • If all goes well, PUBG’s PC version will fully launch sometime later this year, ditching its Early Access tag in the process.
  • During the rare times he isn’t busy, Greene enjoys playing games like Battlefield 1. He naturally likes playing PUBG as well, but if he gets sucked into a really good PUBG match he knows he won’t get any work done so he has to restrain himself.
  • Before he developed the mod that would eventually become PUBG, Greene wasn’t actually much of a gamer, and his previous occupations included working as both a professional photographer and a DJ.
  • Don’t worry, usable binoculars will eventually come to PUBG.